You don't have to drive

but we need more drivers!



Safe Rides is primarily a student organized and operated program – created and developed by responsible teens who care about the safety of their peers and their community. Adults serve to support and supervise the teens.


The program is open to teenagers in high school, grades 9–12, who are at least 15 years old. Membership is achieved  when a training session has been completed and membership requirements have been met.


Members are required to attend monthly meetings, sign up to work one Friday or Saturday night a month and help with other Safe Rides activities. At the monthly meetings, teens discuss general business and sign up on the schedule. Drivers receive reimbursement for gas.



The training course consists of instruction on drug and alcohol awareness, best use of navigating tools, safe driving and general information regarding safety. Training takes place two times a year, spring and fall.

Safe Rides changes attitudes regarding driving and the use of alcohol or other drugs. The experience teenage volunteers have at Safe Rides motivates them to make positive choices and to become responsible adults who contribute to their community.


Safe Rides continued success depends on the commitment of our members and ongoing community support.

661-259-6330        SAFE RIDES   P.O. BOX 3001, Canyon Country, CA 91386

661-259-6330        saferides@socal.rr.com