1986 –2019

After 32 years of saving lives, Santa Clarita Valley Safe Rides came to the difficult decision to close its doors. Restrictions on teenage drivers, increasing insurance costs and competition from other ride services posed too many challenges to continue.

Safe Rides was started in 1986 after six local teenagers lost their lives in alcohol-related traffic collisions. The program provided free, confidential safe rides home for local teenagers from 10:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights.

More than 40,000 teens that felt unsafe to drive or refused to ride with an unsafe driver were given a safe ride home.

More than 5,000 teenagers volunteered their time on Friday and Saturday nights as dispatchers, navigators and drivers. Hundreds of adults volunteered alongside them. Statistics show that their dedication reduced the number of local teen deaths from DUI traffic collisions by 95%. This significant contribution to the safety of our community has been supported and recognized by school faculty and administrators, Sheriffs and Highway Patrol, government officials and the community.

As a thank you for their wonderful accomplishment, a party is being thrown for all volunteers, recent and past, on Sunday May 19th.
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